Finding the Perfect Hair Dryer

Growing up, there were times I wished I had been born a guy for the simple reason that I hated dealing with my hair. In the movies, the characters have glossy, silky, straight hair. Or if it’s curly, it’s a manageable type that still looks soft. Rarely do you see characters with my unfortunate hair, which I’ve dubbed horse hair.

Actually, the first person to label my hair as such was a classmate in school. Considering that both of us were crazy about horses, I didn’t take it as an insult. However, that term got me thinking and comparing myself to the rest of my family. Of course my siblings had the smooth, well behaved hair.

Oh sure. Go ahead and laugh, but you would feel my pain if you had my hair. It’s coarse, frizzy, easily tangled, and never does what I want it to do. I almost gave up on it until I discovered the power of the blow dryer, thanks to tips from Oomphed! Not only did I learn about my hair type, I also learned how to manage my crazy hair so that I didn’t scare children when I went out in public.

Apparently my hair isn’t such an oddity. The more I learned about my hair type, the more I discovered that there were plenty of other people who dealt with the same issues. The difference between them and me? Their styling tools and products.

For so long I had been against using any product in my hair. I didn’t see the point in any of it because nothing seemed to work. After going back and using the right products combined with the right tools, I now realize that I just needed more practice and better tutorials. Thank goodness for technology and others who’ve done the research.

My hair is somewhere between straight and wavy. If it wasn’t so thick and tangled, I’d probably manage just fine. No wonder I went most days in a ponytail that slightly resembled a bird’s nest at the crown. I’d always wanted straight, sleek hair. In order to get the style I wanted I had to take the time to prep the hair with the right products and then style it with various tools.

For an everyday type of style, I tried to tame my hair as best as I could. On a good day, it wasn’t too poufy, although leaving it down was out of the question. However, for a special occasion I was able to get pretty good results. Compared to years of hating my hair, this was a huge improvement.

Family members, friends, and coworkers noticed the changes, surprisingly.  Everyone wanted to know what I had done differently. Was it a new diet? Did I get a haircut? Why did I look so put together? They didn’t believe it was only a change in my hair. And looking back, they were partially right. Once I tamed my hair, I started experimenting with my clothing and makeup. Instead of my hair sticking up and out like a sore thumb, people could finally see me.

I suppose in some ways I was hiding behind my hair. I used it as an excuse not to do certain things, like getting dressed in fancy clothes for a night out or going with my sisters to get pampered.

Once the hair issue was resolved, I discovered a whole new world, it seems.  It no longer had the power to make me feel self-conscious. I had plenty of other issues, but wild, frizzy hair was no longer on the list.

So now whenever I try to hide myself, I try to nip it in the bud quickly. Whether it’s a new experience or unfamiliar territory, instead of saying no immediately, I take the time to dig a bit deeper to uncover the underlying reason. Who would’ve thought that dealing with my hair would help me so much with other areas of my life?

If you’re struggling with an area of your life, or there’s something you’re not pleased with, it’s always a good thing to figure out why. More often than not, the answer may surprise you. What you do with that self-realization is the turning point.