Four Anniversary Gifts For Him

Four Anniversary Gifts For Him

Whether it’s three years, ten years or your golden anniversary, buying for him can be hard. It’s always hard thinking creatively about the best gift to give your significant other, especially if they’re at that point in their lives when it seems like they’ve got everything they need. It’s hard to know whether to get them something practical, buy them an experience, or a sentimental item that they can keep forever – everybody is different and appreciates different things. Thankfully, there is the Internet, which has endless possibilities when it comes to finding the ideal gift to celebrate your shared love. From the craft and practical to the quirky and fun, there is always something out there for him if you do your research and read the right reviews. Here are four anniversary gifts for him that he is guaranteed to love, and earn you a few brownie points at the same time.

Breakfast In Bed Tray

We all know that there’s no better way to a man’s heart than through his stomach, so planning an anniversary gift around food means that you can hardly get it wrong. If your man is of the classy variety and enjoys indulging in chic china espresso cups or beautifully made patent leather shoes, then a breakfast bed tray is the perfect anniversary gift for him. It’s a great mix of the practical and sentimental. He’ll love being able to have a lazy morning in bed finished off with being able to stay there while you make and bring him breakfast, and he’ll probably end up asking for the service again now and then now that you have a breakfast-in-bed tray. Even if you’re feeling lazy and need a lie in, the mileage you’ll get out of giving him a breakfast-in-bed tray will pleasantly surprise you.

Table Saw

This one is for those of you out there who have a practical, DIY significant other who likes to de-stress by getting out in the yard and working on practical projects. If this describes him, he’s probably already got a shed full of garden tools, with a couple of heavy-duty machines for those days when he’s feeling ambitious. If he is somebody who likes working on wood projects, playing around with building things like bookshelves and nightstands, he will love the thought behind you giving him a table saw to complete the collection and do those jobs that require a bit more elbow grease a little less labor intensive. He will be able to take on all kinds of projects and even get busy making something that you want, like a bookend. Check out the Sharp Cut for some of the best table saws on the market.

Portable Charcoal Grill

While we’re thinking about practical gifts that suit the exterior of the home, let’s look at a portable charcoal grill. He might very well already have a grill that is a staple of the patio – but this grill is too heavy to take anywhere. Having a smaller, portable grill that he can take with him when he and his friends go to the beach, or away with you when you decide to have a weekend away camping will make him want to do these kinds of things more. A portable charcoal grill is the perfect practical present on your anniversary if he is somebody who loves to grill, and would love it even more if he could grill on his little getaways as well. It’ll come in handy for you too when you’re sick of eating baked beans on that camping trip.

Shaving Kit

Life can get messy, and so can things like the bathroom. It’s hard to keep it clean and tidy when you’re both running out the door every morning and just want to relax when you come home at night. His shaving things are probably spread sporadically around the surface and draws of the bathroom basin, and they’re probably outdated anyway. Why not get him a shaving kit? It will keep all his shaving necessities neatly in one place, and it will be easy for him to find when it comes time to shave.

There are all kinds of things out there that would be the ideal anniversary gift for your spouse, which you would think would make it easier to choose for him. But it can make it harder, and quickly get confusing when you start to think about how much you want to spend and what he would appreciate. Luckily, there is an endless supply of anniversary gift lists out there to spark that imagination and help you find the perfect gift for him that you know he’s going to love for longer than a day.