Guide to Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Guide to Nespresso Coffee Capsules

When released originally, there were 16 Nespresso coffee capsule varieties. Recently, 8 more Nespresso types of coffee were released, which upped the overall amount of choices to 24. Not certain which are proper for you? Here’s a Nespresso coffee guide that will assist you in making your choice and become familiar with those new capsules.

The twenty-four Nespresso capsules are split into 6 ranges:

Espresso capsules include the shorter coffees which the majority of individuals are accustomed to consuming. Just because they’re usually ‘short’ coffees doesn’t mean they are very strong. Some can be, yet there’s an excellent variation of intensity amongst those capsules. The majority of the coffees which go into this will have blended origins.

Intenso capsules split out (some of these were previously within the Espresso category) as well as contain some of the more intense, fuller flavor, Nespresso coffee flavors. Again, those typically are blended within their origins.

Typically, Pure Origin capsules will have their beans sourced from a single location. They’re highly specific in flavor to where the capsules derive from and will have a highly unique flavor.

Lungo capsules especially are made for longer drinks in which a bigger volume of water will be added to the coffee. They have the possibility of bringing out more complex tastes and permit you to appreciate subtler flavors, without having to detract from overall intensity because some of them still are fairly strong in taste.

Decaffeinato capsules will do what they say on the tin – a few of the great coffees from additional categories yet with the naturally-occurring caffeine taken out. Perfect for the ones who have bad reactions to caffeine and just like the flavor of coffee.

Typically, variation capsules are based upon the Livanto (Espresso) capsule, however, with certain extra flavors to offer your coffee a little additional kick of contrasting taste. If you need a nespresso holder you can check out the many available options on Amazon.

Nespresso Espresso Capsules

Capriccio Grand Cru

With such a capsule, you’ll receive a grainy, strong cereal note, from amongst the most aromatic espressos within this collection. It features both Robusta and Arabica coffee, yet only a little Robusta. Both are from S. America, with the Arabica coffee cultivated at higher altitude in order to lighten its acidity.

Cup Size: 40ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Light acidity, cereal notes

Volluto Grand Cru

Nuttier, as well as sweeter than most of the other types of Nespresso coffee, the capsule only uses the best S. American Arabica for a bit of fruitiness and acidity. A mix of pure, as well as lightly roasted coffee will go into the Grand Cru, allowing a little fruitiness to shine through.

Cup Size: 40ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Biscuit, as well as sweet notes, fruity

Livanto Grand Cru

Designed of the best Arabica from South and Central America, the capsule has a touch of malt, as well as caramel. It is going to possess a medium roasting level to generate a balanced profile.

Cup Size: 40 ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Fruity, as well as malted notes, cereal

Cosi Grand Cru

For an excellent blend of cereal notes and fruitiness, select this capsule. Delicate, yet intense, it’ll use Aravicas worldwide to accomplish its unique taste. Cosi Grand Cru utilizes a combination of Kenyan and Costa Rican coffee beans, lightly roasted in order to create its special taste.

Cup Size: 40ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Fruity, cereal, as well as toasted notes

Arpeggio Grand Cru

Taking dashes from Costa Rican coffee, the capsule provides a strong taste, with just a hint of chocolate. Both intense and creamy, it’s an outstanding option. Fine grinding blended with extremely intense roasting is what’ll give the Arpeggio its flavor.

Cup Size: 25ml Ristretto, 40ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Woody hints, cocoa, grilled notes

Roma Grand Cru

Roma, the height of luxury, is both aromatic and sweet, lingering upon the palate a while after the last drink. Lighter roasts than most other options, it’ll still have the intensity expected from Nespresso. Arabicas from Central America which are utilized in this blend specifically are of the high-altitude variety, bringing more subtle tastes to its aromatic profile.

Cup Size: 25ml Ristretto, 40ml Espresso

Aromatic Profile: Woody, as well as roasted notes