How to Be The Perfect Host

Being a great host to both friends and relatives is no mean task. The way you handle them makes it easy, or terribly hard to leave a mark in their lives. You also determine whether they will come back for more or go and never look back.

Before we look at the various tips to help you be the perfect host, you first need to understand that the guest is not after being pampered, but to be comfortable. You need to find a way to remove all the discomforts so that all of you can enjoy the experience of sharing the home together.

There are two types of guests that you will host in the house; those who come for just a few minutes and leave, and then there are those that come to stay for days. Either way, you need to leave a positive impression in their minds when they decide to leave.

So, let us jump right into the tips and understand what you need to do.

Let Them Freshen Up

By freshening up we mean that you can ask your guests whether they need something to eat or they would rather wash up first. This takes care of their needs and helps remove any discomfort they might be having. It also gives them the necessary distraction, especially if this is the first time they are visiting.

For visitors looking to stay for a longer period, it is vital that you show them to their room so that they can get settled in. Having some alone time when a visitor arrives is the best way to allow them to take all in before they join you.

If the visitor has travelled from outside the state, it is vital that you give them some time to rest before you can start shooting questions.


The next step is to sit down with the guest and connect with them. You can ask about the journey and what their plans are now that they have arrived safely. You can do this over a meal or a drink, depending on what the visitor prefers. Do not start connecting too soon otherwise you might end up chasing the guest away.

This phase takes a maximum of 30 minutes, and its role is to allow you to know the guest much better. You also take the chance to tell them what your plans are for their stay.

This isn’t the time to start a long conversation , but just to orient the guest and have an idea of what the visit is going to be all about.

One of the things you need to know is whether the guest has any worries about the stay. Some guests arrive and yet they do not know how they will get back to the airport or how they will move around. You need to understand these issues and find a way to help them out.

Stay Consistent

You need to come up with a way to treat the guest and stay consistent throughout their stay. Let them know what to expect every time they come to your home. Being inconsistent makes them think of renting a hotel or otherwise, because they will feel unwanted.

Don’t Forget Your Child Guests

Many families love visiting with their kids, and when they come, you need to know how to handle the situation. This is because handling kids is totally different from handling adults. You need more tact and a lot of patience to pull this one off successfully.

One of the things you need to make sure the kids are relaxed, is to have a toy room and a few games to grab their attention. One of the top toys on the market is a foosball table that is meant for kids. The table is a miniature version of the normal table, and allows your kids to enjoy this game just the way you do. Take time to choose the right table for your kid guests. Head here to check out the full details of this sport.

In Closing

Being a perfect host takes time and practice. Since you will be hosting different types of people in your home, it is vital that you learn the practice and make sure you leave all your guests smiling.