Installing Bi Fold Doors for Better Natural Light: Top Things to Consider

Three out of ten homes experience poor lighting in the home. This is because the entrances that they use to let light into the home are not as effective as they should be.

This is why you need to install bi-fold doors. These doors are designed to replace a whole wall, letting in all the light you need into the home.

The natural light that floods your home makes it possible for you to enjoy the health benefits of natural light. You also get a great view of your outdoors, and above all, it adds to the value of the home. Talk about multiple benefits for your home!

But before you can enjoy the light streaming into your home and the associated values, you must first install high-quality bi-fold doors in your home.

Why Is Quality Such an Important Aspect?

If the bi-fold doors are of poor quality, you are prone to various issues in the home. First, the amount of light you get in your home won’t be adequate. This is because poor quality bi-fold doors come with low-quality glass. Low-quality glass won’t reflect heat away from home in the hot summer months, and won’t retain the heat within the home in the cold winter nights. This compromises the energy efficiency in the home.

Poor quality bi-folds wear out quicker, therefore, compromising the operation of the door as well as the thermal performance. Problems with poor mechanisms can damage the door completely, which leads to losses. To cap it off, poor quality means the doors are less secure due to the low-quality materials in use.

High-quality bi-fold doors exceed the standard manufacturing standards. All the components used in the high-quality designs have passed all the rigorous tests and make the door better performing, and it also lasts much longer than normal. Additionally, a Bi-Fold Doors Manchester manufacturer can afford to give you an extended guarantee on performance, which means the company is confident enough to assure you of a long performance.

Choosing the Perfect Bi-Fold Door for Added Light

So, what should you look for when choosing the right door for your needs?

    1. Seamless, Minimalistic Design

You are looking for a design that has fewer parts that can obstruct the view or the light. This is why you need to go for a door that comes with thin but effective frames. Such frames are usually made of aluminium, which is light in weight yet strong. The aluminium retains its shape in extreme conditions – whether heat or cold.

The finish of the aluminium frame ought to be smooth and even. The manufacturer uses a high-quality coating to achieve this effect. The coating is hard wearing even after exposure to weather elements, which means the door retains its look a few years down the line.

    1. Glazing Design

If you decide to install a set of bi-fold doors, you must understand that these doors need to be glazed to get the most out of them. The allure of these doors is all about the amount of light that they can allow into the room, and how much larger the doors can make an existing space seem. Without the right amount of glazing, you won’t be able to enjoy these doors.

Glazing comes in different varieties – single, double and triple glazing. Single glazing isn’t an option for these doors anymore because it has been seen to reduce the effectiveness of the doors. Double glazing is more common and affordable.

Double glazing makes the panes stronger while retaining the various benefits that come with these doors. The space that exists between the two panes provides an extra layer of insulation as well, boosting the level of thermal resistance that keeps the home warmer in winter months and cooler when the heat sets in. This means less reliance on artificial lighting and heating, which helps you save on energy costs.

Triple glazing will increase the thermal efficiency in the home further, but this comes at a slightly higher cost.

The choice to install double or triple glazed pans for bi-fold windows remains a decision for you to make. This decision depends on your needs and how much you can spare. You can also talk to an expert to come and match the exact glazing in your home to the right kind of bi-fold door so that you end up with the right glazing design.

    1. The Look

You also have the chance to come up with a unique look for your home. This is where different kinds of glass to choose from. Let us look at the different kinds of glass that are available to you.

    1. Toughened Glass

This is a legal requirement of all bi-fold doors. Each must have the toughened glass at the bare minimum. The glass is stronger and more thermally viable than standard glass. When broken, the glass shatters into small pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

    1. Frosted Glass

This might not be as common as toughened glass, but is it an option if you are looking for some added privacy and you hate installing blinds. Frosted glass is ideal for offices and other commercial property, where you need custom installations. This is because the glass can be etched with logos and letters, even the brand names.

    1. Textured Glass

This is manufactured the same way as frosted glass and has a somewhat similar effect. The only difference is that this kind of glass comes in various textures such as bevelled and rippled. These glasses also make them ideal for commercial settings; make sure you take time to pick the right kind of texture.

In Closing

With bi-fold doors, you can let light into your home without the need to use skylights. Installation comes with various benefits that make your living space more enjoyable and inhabitable. However, before you go ahead and install the doors, you need to understand the need for high quality. You also need to know what kind of glass you need in your home and the advantages of each.