Luxury Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Luxury Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you have the luxury of a large bathroom there are plenty of things you can do to spice it up. Whether it is a sauna or a spa, you can go into a lot of directions with this so let’s take a look at some state-of-the-art equipment that you can install in your bathroom and make your life more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you want a vintage or a modern style, we’ll cover it all for you in this post.

Rain Shower with Tub

If you really want to wow your guest and enjoy yourself while taking a shower this is an absolute must-have for everyone that has the budget to afford it. When you are tired of standing under the rain shower you can relax because why wouldn’t you sit down in the tub, do make sure the dirt is washed of your body before you do that of course. Especially when you combine this with metallic and wood touches it makes for a very modern design that wouldn’t be misplaced in any bathroom.

Live Like a King

This is more for the people that like to brag when they show their house to their friends or perhaps you do feel you’re the king or princess that deserves a lot of marble and gold in your bath room. We’re not to judge you so if that’s your thing then think about gold linings and equipment like the shower head and such,¬†and obviously finish your walls and floors with marble. Don’t forget to throw in some huge mirrors as well to make it the ultimate experience.

Only for Large Villas

Now we’re getting somewhere, if you live in a mansion you can consider a bay window bath with a nice view of the mountain or sea. You do want to make your house is large enough and secluded enough if you appreciate your privacy but if you fit those criteria I can’t think of anything better than this as the best bathroom makeover I’ve ever witnessed. As a finishing touch, you can add a chandelier and have the tub sink in so that even if your privacy is a little bit limited you can hide under the bubbles, and no I’m not talking about champagne here.

White is Out, Black is In

If you want to stand out from the crowd this is the way to go and it’s even more suitable for gothic¬†with plenty of money. Finish it off with a touch of copper here and there and a large chandelier shouldn’t be missing in this picture of course. When you go shopping online there is very much to see in terms of accessories and pretty much anything else that fits in your bathroom, from toilet sinks to door handles, you name it.

For the Minimalists

Are you a minimalist or are you trying to become one? Perhaps it’s time to scale down a bit and you can do that in a modern or a more classic way. Modern by using top of the range quality materials so you still maintain that luxury touch that we were talking about or you can take a whole different approach by using concrete. A bathroom with nothing else but a bathtub made from concrete and the same for the sink, make sure to add some wooden elements and you feel like your true self in nature.

Light and Rain Mix Great

Did you know there are rain showers with a cascade option so that the water comes down both vertically and in a diagonal way? That on itself is extremely unique but you can also add some light effects and everybody will be stunned. Heck, why not add some sound effects to the mix and showering becomes an experience you never had before. I can’t imagine taking a shower on a daily base like that but it would be an excellent idea for luxury hotels and resorts. I would definitely return if that were the case.

For The Ultra Rich Only

During my research, I ran into a bathroom that looks like the size of a conference room with two large stand-alone bathtubs of at least 2.5 meter in length. I could be wrong though, maybe they just placed a huge mirror wall in between that makes it look much larger then it really is. Nonetheless, it looks impressive and with the silver/grey ceiling, elements and the grey marble floor you will definitely make a statement if that’s your goal!

Let’s Finish It Up

I could obviously keep on talking about luxurious bathroom ideas but why not head over to Pinterest where they have tons of ideas, and you know the old saying, a picture says more than a thousand words!