Managing Pain

Managing Pain – A Complicated Topic

Pain, we all deal with it sooner than later, only a tiny accident has to happen and we are in pain as we’re fragile human beings.

A long life of hard work can make it even worse, developing into chronic pain that you will never get fully rid off.

Thankfully there are a few proven ways to reduce pain that work pretty well and with science progressing this only keeps increasing so perhaps one day, you will be completely free of pain, or at least let’s pray for that.

Till then we are going to look at how we can relieve you from the pain TODAY

Distract yourself from the pain

I hear you saying, easier said then done, but let me tell you, if you haven’t tried it you could at least give it a chance right?


Breath in, hold it for a few seconds, breath out, just as slowly, keep doing this for ten minutes and you’ll be amazed how many health issues this solves, even if it’s just for a few minutes or hours.


People often go to the doctor with pains that can’t be explained, some people even experience Phantom toothache, which is extremely rare but it’s not like those people love the doctor so much that they keep returning, well some perhaps but you get the gist.

Reducing stress in your life is probably the most effective natural pain killer so do whatever it takes to get rid of this stress. That could mean getting your finances in order, working fewer hours, avoiding certain situations, you name it.


Although this is probably the last thing you think about when in pain but it works and it works because of this.

When you exercise you release endorphins and guess what? These are natural painkillers that your body produces.


Some blogs that I’m reading mentionĀ reducing alcohol intake but for me, the opposite was true when I was dealing with excruciating pain the only thing that helped was half a bottle of whiskey so uhm… it’s not the best health advice I can give you but it’s definitely a great distraction šŸ˜‰


Once again, most sources recommend you to stop smoking but did you know that smoking a joint can relieve you from your pain almost instantly, it’s because of a working ingredient that has now been concentrated into CBD oil, and you can easily use it for the management of pain, no matter what kind of pain we are talking about.

Pain medication as an alternative

I know that distracting yourself from the pain doesn’t always work, it really depends on what you are going through.

Yes, half a bottle of whiskey can fix a toothache but that’s one of the worst pains there is where over the counter medicines offer no solace.

For other types of, let’s say chronic pains most OTC medicines work just fine, think of Ibuprofen to cure a headache after a hangover, or Paracetamol with its anti-inflammatory capabilities.

If none of this helps there are still a whole bunch of other ways to relieve pain but that goes beyond the scope of this post for today.