Peanut Butter Heaven: 2 Food Processor Recipes You’ll Love

Of all the tools available to you in the kitchen, the food processor is the most useful and convenient. This handy device can aid you in your kitchen adventures whether you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, making a meal for your family, or enjoying a decadent treat that may not be part of your normal diet. The food processor is a versatile instrument capable of whipping up sauces and kinds of butter, chopping vegetables, blending batter, and so much more. There are literally hundreds of things you can do with a food processor. If you’re still on the fence about adding one to your kitchen arsenal, here’s a pair of simple yet delicious food processor recipes involving peanut butter that should tempt you.

1. Homemade Peanut Butter

For the true peanut butter connoisseur, this easy recipe is worth its weight in gold. Once you’ve created your very own homemade peanut butter – in five minutes, no less – you will never go back to that store-bought stuff ever again. Seriously, after you’ve tasted the creamy goodness of this peanut butter you crafted with your own two hands and a food processor, you will wonder how you lived without it and why you haven’t seen more people endorse it. Making your own peanut butter literally could not be any simpler. The only ingredient required is two cups of dry roasted peanuts, although you can include one to two tablespoons of honey or sugar for extra sweetness and additional salt to taste.

  • After dumping the two cups of dry roasted peanuts into the food processor, crank it up and let it do its thing for a good four to five minutes. The peanuts will undergo a magical transformation from their solid state into the liquid gold you will soon come to love.
  • If you’ve opted to include the honey, sugar, or salt – and you know you have, because why wouldn’t you? – stir it into the mix at this point.
  • When it’s finished, you can store the delicious result at room temperature or in the refrigerator, depending on how quickly you think you’ll go through it. So, in other words, store it at room temperature because this stuff won’t last long.

The greatest part of owning a food processor and having this recipe at your fingertips is that you can really get crazy and start making natural homemade butter out of every nut you can find. Start with peanuts, graduate to almonds and cashews, and explore the wide world of homemade nut butter.

2. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Continuing with the peanut butter theme, this recipe unites it with its true soulmate – bananas – for a mouth-watering treat that could qualify as either breakfast or dessert. Before we get started, you should be aware that this “ice cream” isn’t technically ice cream, so it’s a fantastic alternative for those who are sensitive to dairy. The ice cream texture is a result of the three ripe, frozen bananas you’re going to blend in your food processor with the other ingredients: three tablespoons of that homemade peanut butter, one-quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon, and roasted peanuts for topping. Those last few ingredients are optional, so add or subtract as you see fit.

  • After slicing the three ripe bananas into small chunks, place them in the freezer for an hour or two until they are solid.
  • Pop those frozen banana chunks into a sturdy food processor and blend away. This noisy, intense process will take several minutes because the bananas are frozen, but eventually you will notice them turning into a thick, smooth, creamy mixture that resembles ice cream.
  • Now it’s time to mix in that homemade natural peanut butter you made earlier, along with the vanilla extract. Feel free to add your own touch with cinnamon, sea salt, and whatever else you’d like to try. Stir everything together by pulsing the food processor quickly.
  • Once it’s all mixed, serve it up in a bowl immediately. For extra flair and “peanutty” awesomeness, add a dollop of peanut butter and top with crushed roasted peanuts.

Although it’s possible to store your glorious Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream concoction in the freezer afterwards, the consistency just won’t be the same as it is in its freshly blended state. So, if you needed an excuse to indulge yourself, this is it – eat it all up in one sitting and be glad you took the food processor plunge.