AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress Review

AC Pacific Aloe Vera Mattress Review


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Product Description

There are several reasons why one should upgrade their bedroom. Some reasons might be that the windows are outdated, or that the light fixture is not modern enough to match the bedroom suit. However, for those looking to increase the function of the bedroom, a change in mattress might be necessary. For those looking for more comfort and better resistance to back aches and pains, purchasing a memory foam mattress sounds like the perfect renovation to an older style bedroom. You can visit for more options on memory foam mattresses.

Dimensions and Details

The knit fabric that covers this mattress has an extract of Aloe Vera and can stretch accordingly as used. With CertiPUR certified mattress has been through extreme testing through durability, emissions, performance, and connect standards. A high density layer that support is about five inches thick and the bottom layer. On top of this is a comfort support layer that is two inches, and finally three pounds worth of memory foam that equals to another inch on top. The foam forms to your body and gives support in areas such as alignment for the spine and better circulation.

The Positives of this Foam Mattress

Several people have raved about the positives of this mattress. Not only has it given them exactly what they were after, a great night’s worth of sleep, but it also was very inexpensive for the high quality that they received. They have boasted that the memory foam is perfect for any sized person, even those who weigh three and four hundred pounds. It has a firm enough feeling to not cause issues that were common with spring mattresses. The spouse of some reviewers have complimented this mattress for being perfect for what they needed.

The Negatives of this Foam Mattress

Those who have reviewed this mattress have complimented it more than complained about it. Many consumers found that the firmness is not ideal for their current condition such as back pains or spinal issues. Some have even reported that after a few weeks, the stitching started to come undone. Although these issues can be preference, or easily fixed with a needle and thread, some have chosen to return the product for reimbursement or replacement. Some people who have purchased this product have also been unpleased regarding how difficult it was to remove the mattress from its packing. Some even complained that it was not sealed properly and began to expand within the packaging.

In Conclusion

For a queen sized mattress, most people would be paying seven or eight hundred dollars for your average, non-name brand spring mattress, but for a memory foam that has Aloe Vera extract infused in it for freshness and less odor is priced at approximately $215.00. The ratings are in favor of this mattress, but what really matters is how well it will fit with your needs, or that of your spouse or children. Some even choose to place this mattress in a guest bedroom for when they have company. Either way, a foam memory mattress is ideal for comfort and ease when sleeping.