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Bella 13694 Juicer Review

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Product Description

Are you looking to get in shape and tone up this year? Well if the various television adverts are anything to be believed then the easiest way to do this is by buying a juicer. These nifty little machines can turn all of your fruit and vegetables into a delicious tasting smoothie or glass of juice and it is a very easy and quick way to get your five a day. This review will be taking a closer look at the Bella 13694 juicer to see if it can help you with your fitness goals.

So what are the features?

Being one of the more simple juicers out there, the Bella probably won’t be challenging the best juicer in 2016 anytime soon, but it can still serve a purpose and has enough features to be a useful addition to your kitchen. First up are its removable pulp container and micro mesh filter. When these two combine they ensure that all of the lumps are kept out of your juice. Nobody wants lumpy juice now do they? The juicer has a relatively large 1 litre juice container with a splash free lid and non skid feet. The latter are both useful features to avoid ending up with raspberry juice all over your shirt! The cherry on the cake (or in this case in the juicer) is the fact that the machine comes with a two year warranty, so even if it does go wrong you can get help.

Did they make an effort with the design?

I am very much in the middle when a definitive decision is needed on the looks of this juicer. They have stuck to the tried and tested technique of using stainless steel and black plastic to create a look which wouldn’t be out of place in almost any kitchen, but by doing that they have made it look just a little bland. It comes in at a respectable 14 x 9.6 x 17.3 inches so it isn’t particularly small either, but at only 8.8 pounds for a large capacity juicer Bella have done well to keep the weight down.

It looks good so far!

The juicer is well designed and has a powerful and variable motor to help you to fully customise your drinks. It’s three inch feed tube means that it can take whole fruits at once, and this is a very helpful feature to have as it will save you a lot of time. The LED panel on the front of the machine is a nice touch too, as it makes controlling the whole system very simple.

Hit me with the bad news.

It seems like it fully depends on the individual machine you purchase as to whether you will have a good or a bad experience with this juicer. Some customers have said that the blades failed to complete a simple task such as chopping up carrots, but we must remember that this is to be taken with a pinch of salt as the overwhelming number of reviews are positive.


The summary.

If it was your January goal to get in shape then the Bella juicer could be a good tool in your arsenal if you chose to purchase it. It may be simple, but it will supply you with fresh and healthy juice so why not try it out! You could be well on your way to that six pack.