Crock Pot 3050 W Casserole Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot 3050-W Casserole Slow Cooker Review


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Product Description

Do you enjoy having a meal ready and waiting to be devoured after a long work day? Is time not on your side when it comes to preparing afternoon meals? Slow cookers have revitalized the cooking world with their great assistance in the cooking department. Not only has the creation of newer appliances blossomed, but the customer satisfaction has created such a stir that almost everyone has looked into purchasing one. The addition of a slow cooker can save you time and money when considering what’s for dinner.

Features and Design

The oblong shaped slow cooker by Rival is ideal for those who wish to use their insert as a dual purpose in their kitchen. The glass lid and casserole style dish are both usable in the microwave and on the stovetop. All of the glass is tempered glass which reduces the risk of it heating up and shattering. The design of the crock pot itself is very simple. The base is white, with a turn knob that has three settings, off, low, and high. The, approximately, 16 pound unit comes with a book of recipes that allows you to cook several dishes such as Chicken Onion Casserole and Autumn Apples.

The Strengths

The 3050-W unit is a great addition to any household that loves to cook casseroles. It can also cook other foods, but it is not very deep. When purchasing, the unit comes with a book of over 90 recipes to help those newcomers to the cooking world find exactly what suits their family’s tastes. Many people find it easy to give as gifts to new cooks and those who are older with less ability to be on their feet.

The Weaknesses

Some people choose not to speak their mind when it comes to leaving reviews on certain products. This can be both a blessing and a burden. The weaknesses found in this crock pot are similar to other defects that can be found in many of the top name-brand appliances. One complaint regarding the fitting of the lid, which does not cook the foods as it should, rendered one person unable to cope with replacing it and paying shipping. Another review, although roughly written, explained an issue regarding the heating of the actually pot, saying that it was too hot on warm and too cold to actually cook anything as a “slow cooker” should. You can find more information by checking out the best slow cooker reviews for this specific unit or another that you are interested in.

In Conclusion

Just because it may not look like the original crock pot, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fantastic addition to your home appliance list. Whether you choose to cook on the base of the crock pot or choose to use the insert in your oven, you can create delicious dishes with little to no effort. The slow cooker helps to take the burden of rushing for dinner at the end of the day. When purchasing or deciding on purchasing a slow cooker, this Crock Pot unit is definitely one to put on your list if you’re a casserole lover.