DJI Phantom 4 Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Review


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Product Description

Drones are slowly but surely becoming one of the must have gadgets of the year. Not only are they cool to have simply as a toy, but they are also incredibly useful in certain scenarios. Photographers have been using them to open up whole new perspectives and to get some incredible shots. Sports teams have been using them to film their team from above, and work out new tactics that they could never have seen before. To cut a long story short, if you do get a drone then the chances are high that you will be playing with it all of the time. However, with many people now getting the chance to buy their own drone, the question of “which one is the best for me?” is beginning to pop up more and more often. Well, with that in mind, we are going to take a closer look at one in particular, the DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter to see if it is suitable for your needs.

What features does it have?

As drones have become more popular, the technology found in them has evolved and this is never more evident than when you look at the DJI. This is an extremely clever piece of kit and this is evident from even just the first two features about to be mentioned! It has auto-takeoff and auto return home thanks to the incorporated GPS technology. This makes controlling the drone incredibly easy as you do not have to worry about the difficult bit of getting it up in the air in the first place! There is an app you can get which also gives you greater control over the flying process. The features of this drone do not end there though, as  it can also capture 4k video with its 12mp camera, and the picture will be crystal clear as well as the Gimbal stabilization technology (and the hover function) means that you can get your snaps whenever you want them!

What are the Positives?

The best thing about this drone is that it is easy to fly. This is obviously a big one when it comes to purchasing a drone, so you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you can pretty much fly it straight out of the box. The other big positives are that the camera on this machine is incredible, so if you are buying it to get photos you will not be disappointed, and that it has a light lipo battery in it.

What’s bad about it?

There are not too many issues out there for the DJI, but the main one is to do with the bugs that are in the machine. I am not talking literally here of course, but the operating system does have a tendency to have a few technological kinks in it that need to be worked out via updates from the manufacture.

What’s the conclusion?

As drones go, this is one very god piece of kit. It is perfect for drone novices and experts alike, and you will be able to spend hours getting to grips with the features it has and showing off your cool new toy to all of your friends! To compare this drone to others, why not visit the RotorCopters website.