Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler


Affordable, easy to install and life-changing in so many ways, this product is the perfect solution for your water hardness issues. Just attach it to your incoming water pipes and watch the difference in the quality and softness of your water.

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Product Description

If you live in a hard water area, you will know only too well that there are multitudes of metals in your water such as calcium, dissolved magnesium, manganese compounds and other metals that are just as difficult to deal with as lime scale. Actually, these issues stem from the lime scale in your sinks, pipes, showers and faucets. The solution to your hard water concerns is the Eddy Electronic water desacler, which requires no plumbing charges and keeps the costs down to bare minimum.

Revitalizing your Water Supply

Hard water had become the bane of my life. I couldn’t even have a shower without being doused in thousands of pine-needles with the harshness of my shower. Wash-time became akin to an SAS mission. The lime scale within my plumbing had gotten so bad that is was having a dramatic impact on the efficiency of my water heater and furnace. The hard lime scale deposits were essentially making my life a living hell, until I discovered the Eddy Electronic water descaler.

I am not technical in the slightest, but this product was so easy to fit, I did it myself and cut down dramatically on plumbing costs. This innovative water descaler produces a complicated electro-magnetic wave that is omitted from two coils that are in direct contact with your incoming water pipes. This process uses ever-changing magnetic fields that pass through the coils and alter the properties of your lime scale, to prevent build-up inside your pipes and appliances. It’s just like magic.

Benefits of Softer Water

The process does not alter the chemical hardness of your water in any way, which ensures your water is still rich in calcium and protects the therapeutic benefits of the chemical. This leaves you with softer water, cleaner pipes and a healthier water supply. Calcium is very beneficial in reducing heart disease, which was handy for my family as my father has an ongoing heart condition.

Thousands of businesses worldwide have benefited from Eddy over the past 15 years. This product not only softened my water, which is great when I have a shower, but is also an eco-friendly alternative to water softeners that use a salt-base. The product is effective on many types of water pipes, although the only downside is that it is ineffective against lead and iron.

The system comes with a choice of either plastic or metal pipes with diameters up to 1.5 inches.

The Verdict

It is difficult to find a water system to combat hard water and lime scale that doesn’t use salt-based products. The Eddy Electronic water descaler softens your water with electro-magnetic pulses to eliminate most metals and lime scale, without damaging the therapeutic benefits of calcium.