Heininger 5995 Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger 5995 Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Review

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Product Description

Being able to enjoy the cooler nights outdoors is definitely something worth looking into. Many people who have events during the winter either set it up indoors or make sure that there is some type of portable heat outdoors for their guests’ comfort. A free standing fire pit can also be a great choice for outdoor heating, especially if it is a propane or electric type of fire pit. There are many other options to choice from and each should be researched fully before deciding upon a single purchase.

Details and Description

If you’re looking for a propane patio heater there are a few options on the market, but only a few fire pits that fit the description of a propane heater for outdoor use. The 5995 unit can be used for your backyard patio, backyard, camping, or even on your tailgate for warmer cold nights. Unlike other fire pits, this one burns very clean and is smokeless. This unit is lightweight and very easy to move around and carry to other locations. There is a regulator and a ten foot long hose that attaches to this unit. The entire pit measures nineteen inches in diameter and can withstand any type of weather.

The Strengths

Consumers have reported that “My patio heater never worked this great,” when reviewing this propane fire pit. The price is set at approximately $110.00 and can be purchased with or without the propane tank. Some consumers have noted that when controlling the dial to allow more propane to pass through for a bigger flame, you must do so slowly and you will be able to set the height of the flame you desire. Several consumers have mentioned the price being great for the product and head produced. Unlike other patio heaters, this fire pit can be ideal during the summer as well for a flame to help set the conversation and mood.

The Weaknesses

There are several things that consumers have found negative or as a weakness of the 5995 unit offered by Heininger. One of the complications that consumers have found is that the gas flow, even when it is set on low is very high. Complaints have been reported regarding the size of the hose. Instead of the ten foot hose that is included in the description, the hose that some consumers have received has only been approximately six feet. The top that fits firmly in, is made of very flimsy material and does not work well as a carrier for the unit.

In Conclusion

If you live out in the country and you don’t already have a fire pit, this is a great alternative. Of course, with every product you must read through the instructions thoroughly in order to fully understand the functionality and operation of the product. This unit is no different. Although the instructions may seem as though they are difficult to understand, following them ensures a great set up for an awesome produce. If this isn’t the patio heater that fits your needs, there are several others that might.