Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 3000 Dryer, Rose

Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 3000 Dryer, Rose Review


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Product Description

Tired of running out of the house in the morning with your head wet? Your old hair dryer not working up to par with your needs? In your search to find the perfect answer to your solutions, you will come across the bright Rose 3000 Hot Tools hair dryer. This hair dryer can fit your wet hair needs and help you make your busy agenda for your bathroom routine less busy. You can even experience smoother hair with its Tourmaline technology.

Features and Functions

The Rose 3000 has a powerful performance but the operation itself is quiet. There are six different heating and speed options available to choose from to meet your specific needs. It also features a cool shot button which helps with some of the hard to accomplish styles. The 3000 comes with two different attachments, the diffuser and concentrator. These help to focus on certain areas of hair, and help your locks dry faster. The power cord is approximately eight feet long, making it great for those hard to reach outlets.

The Positives of the Rose 3000

The Rose 3000 is considered to be a quiet product and many of those who have purchased this unit have complimented how lightweight it is to use. Many people think that the quietness of this dryer is deceptive because it dries hair exceptionally well. The length of the cord is also chattered about being that it is long enough to fit just about anywhere in the bathroom without struggle. Some stylist have also found it useful in their work areas, making it a great choice on and off the job. The Rose 3000 is definitely a product worth looking more into, or even trying out for the affordable price of approximately $35.00. Other tourmaline hair dryer reviews will discuss the benefits of this one being so affordable.

The Negatives of the Rose 3000

Some experiences have resulted in this product no longer heating up after a few months of usage. Although not a negative review, many consumers have found this product useful, but no out of the ordinary specialness to it. Many consumers have reported that the heating element in the hair dryer seems to shut on and off sporadically. They have also noticed on several occasions that it will work for a few minutes, producing a large amount of heated air, but after a few minutes that hot air turns into cold air without the cold shot button being pressed.

In Conclusion

Not many hair dryers can live up to the expectation of each and every hair type, but the Rose 3000 definitely puts out its best effort to do so. With a 4.0 out of a 5.0 star rating review system, it has both lovers and those that think it could be a better product. Each experience is going to be different as each person has a different way of styling his or her hair. Upon searching for a great replacement or a new hair dryer, check out the Rose 3000. It might just be exactly what you’re looking for.