Ninja QB1000 Master Prep Blender

Ninja QB1000 Master Prep Blender Review

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Product Description

Ninja’s line of blenders and choppers are well known for being versatile and getting the job without much in the way of effort or mess. The QB1000 is no exception, in fact it’s the best Ninja blender we’ve found that combines convenience, power, functional quality, and versatility in one simple little unit. What’s great about this Ninja is the hand-held portability that it offers, compatible with two separate containers to tackle various jobs and multiple attachments…all of which are included as a package deal. Like many other personal use blenders of this size, the Ninja QB1000 comes equipped with a powerful enough motor to blend almost any ingredient but relies on just one speed to do it (though it does come with a pulse function as well), while Ninja’s stacked blade technology can mince, crush, dice, and chop every job thoroughly.

The Way of the Hand

The Ninja QB1000 takes a different approach to the task of blending by turning it all upside down. When you purchase this blender, you’re getting one base that you hold in the palm of your hand and attach to one of two containers – a 16 oz chopper bowl and a 48 oz prep pitcher. Simply put your ingredients into the appropriate receptacle, connect the pod and push the large chrome button. The blades are already housed within each container and the pod operates them. Each container uses either a four or six blade configuration, designed for getting just the right texture for smoothies, blended drinks, salsas, chopped vegetables and more. Pulse technology lets you blend and chop intermittently as needed or you can hold the button down for an extended spin of the blade mechanism for desired consistency and creaminess of your ingredients.

The Power Within

The strength of the Ninja is found in a 450 watt internal motor located inside the detachable pod. When the pod is connected to the bowl or the pitcher, the blender is stabilized by a wide, no-slip base at the bottom of each one. Therefore, there’s no need to worry that the blender will tip or fall over while in use. When you’re all done, you can use either container for storage if you prefer, as they come with storage lids to keep food fresh.

Summing Up

The Ninja is a straightforward blender that does things just a little differently than the rest. The ergonomic pod contraption is portable and easily stored away when not in use and provides a strong enough motor to grind and blend to your heart’s content. There is one drawback here, since the containers are made of plastic you run the risk of the blades meeting the sides of the bowl or the pitcher and sending tiny plastic shavings into your food and beverage. The way to avoid this is to ensure that the blade attachment is properly seated in the housing and it does not make contact with the surrounding plastic.