Stamina ATS 1399 Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS 1399 Rowing Machine

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Product Description

The rowing machine has finally reclaimed its place as the popular method of working out for consumers who don’t have the time or the patience for hitting the gym on a regular basis. This type of workout provides a serious workout for all of the muscle groups equally and those who are determined enough to stick with a proper routine are sure to see incredible results in no time. That’s where

Stamina’s commitment to engineering comes in, their advances in rowing machine technology have resulted in comfortable, easy-to-use rowers that perform reliably and there is no better example of this commitment than the ATS 1399, a machine that relies on air rowing and lets you increase the resistance simply by intensifying the strength of your rowing motion. 

Air Rowing Your Way To Success

The ATS 1399 is a well-built and sturdy machine that works out all of your major muscle groups, using the power of air resistance for a better workout and big results. You get big time resistance with Stamina’s machine because it’s all increased or decreased around how hard you row. No need for dampers or regulators here, just sit down and start rowing, you’ll set the tension as you move. Since you’re working with wind resistance, These multiple levels are ably assisted by an easy to read, convenient LCD monitor that displays all of the vitals of your workout, including time, count, total count, and calorie burn functions to help you not only reach but exceed your fitness goals.

Total Innovative Design

Your workout is rough enough without having to deal with the discomfort of a poorly designed rowing machine. Not a problem with the ATS 1399, this air rower has been carefully thought out with every detail considered to make your routine as comfortable as possible. It begins with the sliding seat, which has been padded and upholstered for comfort and engineered to slide easily on an over-sized seat rail for smooth operation. Large foot plates feature adjustable nylon foot straps that are built to hold feet securely in place, so you won’t feel yourself slip-sliding in places you’re not supposed to slip and slide. Stamina has also given their rowing machine a pair of textured grips to keep your hands placed securely and remain comfortable for long durations of rowing time.

Summing Up

Stamina has thought of everything here. The ATS 1399 has been built with a sturdy steel frame which has been designed to fold up when not in use, making storage fast and simple. The machine can also be placed in any room of the house, it has been equipped with built-in wheels for easy portability and floor protectors that are there to protect the floor of your workout area while also preventing the machine from skidding, no matter how hard you row. The price may turn some consumers off as it runs for about $300 at most online retailers. The ATS 1399 is certainly worth the price but for those who are looking for something a little less expensive, check out Row Flow for alternative products to fit any budget.