The Foldable TR1200i Treadmill by LifeSpan

The Foldable TR1200i Treadmill by LifeSpan

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Product Description

If you’re looking to purchase a durable and dependable treadmill the TR1200i from LifeSpan gives you all of this and more. There are thousands of reasons why people purchase exercise equipment, especially treadmills. People of all ages can benefit from using a treadmill as they are a basic form of exercise, walking. They can be used during the colder months indoors so as not to cause colds and other health hazards for those who may not get around outside to well during the winter.

The Features and Design

The TR1200i is designed to provide the user with the best experience possible on a treadmill. It also folds up nicely to prevent taking up more space than needed when not in use. This 2.5 HP treadmill has a surface of twenty by fifty-six inches to provide enough room to run or walk comfortably. The console that is located at the front of the treadmill features a LCD multicolored display that can help keep track of your speed, calories burned, time, distance that you’ve walked or jogged, and so much more. There is also access to health and weight loss programs to help throughout your exercise progress.

The Pros of the TR1200i

Many consumers whom have purchased the TR1200i have complimented the price verses the quality that they have received. Consumers have reported that this treadmill runs quieter than others that they have previously used or purchased. The display screen has features such as the step tracker that helps keep track of how far you have walked or ran during your session on the treadmill. There is a safety feature that helps the treadmill to stop when the user gets off of the belt, this features has had consumers raving about this treadmill. With the programs that you have access to, you can meet all of your goals, and keep a steady record of your weight loss success.

The Cons of the TR1200i

One of the little things that consumers have found to be a con of this treadmill is that the speakers which are built into the treadmill do not produce much sound and when it does that sound is not of good quality. Upon receiving the item consumers have reported that some of the parts do not fit together as intended. Also, when reporting this issue, they were not able to get any customer support other than an automated system. Another issue that has been seen with the TR1200i is that it seems to not want to work properly.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a treadmill that you can plug in your phone or mp3 player to, then the TR1200i is a great choice. There is a warranty on this treadmill which is a great start to a smart buy. When in doubt, always read the reviews from people who have purchased and used the product, especially when you’re spending a lot of money on something you cannot test out yourself before purchasing. Treadmill Trends can help lead you in the right direction providing more information on treadmill models.