Spring Preparation Checklist

Winter has come and gone, so spring is here with us officially. The best news is that the sun is now out, warm temperatures abound, and the breeze is pleasant, and you can finally spend more time outside than ever before. Better than this is that winter is way behind us.

The bad news though, is that the winter has adversely affected various aspects of your home and property, and it is time to get the tools out and handle some repairs.

Today we look at a few tips to help you prepare the home for spring and to take away the winter blues faster.

Check Your Gutters

Gutters redirect rain from the roof of the home. Over winter, the gutters have been under the onslaught of the rain and the bad weather, which means they need to receive some attention from you. Make sure you check them properly to make sure they are in perfect working order.

You have to remove the debris that has collected within the gutters to be able to check for signs of wear and tear. Most importantly, make sure there are no leaks in.

The type of debris in the gutter tells you what kind of issues the gutter might be having. If the majority of the debris is granules, then your gutters need some repair.

Remember that if your gutters leak, they end up damaging your roof, which can be expensive to replace.

Apart from the gutters, make sure you also check the downspouts. It is vital that these allow water to drain away from the foundation and that they are free of any debris.

Examine Your Roof

The next victim of the winter madness is the roof. You need to check whether the shingles are intact or they were damaged during winter. This is particularly if you received extremely low temperatures and hailstorms during winter.

Make sure you replace any worn out or damaged shingles as soon as possible, and any shingle that shows loss of granules should also be replaced immediately.

Do not make the mistake of climbing up on the roof to check out these aspects. Instead, engage the services of a professional to avoid the risk of accidents.

During roof examination, you also need to check the chimney. This is usually prone to cracks and other damage around the exterior part. Leave this to the professional as well.

Trim the Trees and Shrubs

Some trees and shrubs flourish during the winter season. Since trimming them during winter is next to impossible, then this is the perfect time to get those branches away from the house. Clearing the branches discourages the accumulation of leaves on your roof, and keeps unwanted visitors away.

Get Out the Paint

Painted surfaces undergo a rough beating during winter. Identify areas that are chipped or that have peeling paint and repaint them. Most of these surfaces need quick repainting that you can achieve using a paint sprayer and the right kind of paint. You can try this website to find out what kind of sprayer is ideal for your task.

Sheds, wooden lawn chairs and even walls need a fresh coat of paint. Left unpainted, these surfaces become worse and might end up rotting in case of wood. They leave the property looking dreary as well, which spoils the much-needed curb appeal.

Check Out the Foundation Vents

This is called spring-cleaning, and it applies to the whole house not only the inside. While you are at it, never forget the foundation vents that are around your home. Check them for damage, and clean them out using a vacuum machine. You need to clean out and repair any damaged screens to prevent rodents from getting into the vents.

Mow the Lawn

Spring brings with it rapid growth of grass in the lawn. You need to make sure you remove the pre-winter grass so that you do not have uneven growth that can make the lawn look unkempt.

You also need to check out the lawn for drainage issues. Failure to handle this might lead to flooding and damage to the foundation as well.

The Conclusion

You need to make sure you are ready for the joys that spring brings by repairing the damages that winter leaves behind using these tips.