The Need for Landlord Electrical Certificates

Owning property is one of the biggest steps you can ever make in your life. However, for your investment to be a success, you need to consider some crucial factors, one of them being the electrical safety of the building. To ensure safety and compliance, electrical certificates need to be used.

Have you ever thought of the houses that get burned to the ground due to electrical faults? This is the last thing you could ever want to happen to your property. Whether you decide to handle the electrical installation by yourself, you should always ensure you enlist the help of qualified electricians such as These electricians are qualified and skilled enough to handle the electrical requirements of your building the right way.

Why DIY isn’t Recommended

You might think that you are saving some money by doing the electrical installation by yourself but in the real sense, you could end up paying a lot more. This is because if you perform the installation the wrong way you stand to pay more in penalties when something goes wrong. Yes, you might have the electrical certificate, but if the work is done in a shoddy manner or if it is not up to date, the certificate won’t be of any use to you.

Having a landlord electrical certificate is law – you can’t afford to ignore it. Therefore, when you decide to work with an electrician to install the wiring in your building, make sure you are working with only the best.

Don’t Take Any Risks

It is always good to avoid taking risks with electrical installations because you expose your building and its tenants to a lot of danger. As a property owner, the safety of your premises should be a priority. If tenants fall in danger because of your complacency, you are in big trouble.

Your Tenants Need the Certificates

One of the best ways to make your buildings marketable is to guarantee the safety of the tenants through proper electrical installations and periodic inspections. It is a rule to give each tenant a copy of your electrical certificate before they shift into the house.

The certificate is not final; you need to update it anytime you install new electrical wiring in the premises. You must be careful with these certificates because they mean a lot to the client as well as you, the property owner. You also need to undertake regular electrical checks, a task that should be performed after a certain period. Make sure the findings of these checks are reflected in the new certificate as well.

Your Role as the Property Owner

As the landlord, make sure the certificate is given after your building has been assessed by a qualified electrician. The electrician handling the task needs to be duly registered with the right government institution. Apart from this, you should learn about the different information that needs to be in the certificate so that you can confirm its authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Owning property is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. However, you need to make sure that your tenants are safe at all times by staying within the property ownership regulations. One of the best ways to do this is to get electrical certificates from an electrician who is mandated to offer them.