What is the Best Coffee Machine for Home Use?

You may love your takeaway coffee, and look forward to that part of your day. However, can you really justify the price of your takeaway coffee? They may taste great but they are certainly not cheap.

There are many different types of coffee machine for home use. If you are not sure which one to buy, go to Espresso Gusto as they have reviews for many espresso machines so you should find the machine that you want. If you are looking for a coffee machine,  there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, before you can decide what type of machine to buy.

Types of Coffee Machine

In the main, there are 4 different types of coffee machine. First of all, decide on the one that you think will be most suitable.

  • Filter coffee machine. For simple, easy coffee this is a good choice. Use ground coffee and set it to go. It will keep warm so if you want a few cups of coffee, or coffee for a few people this may be enough to meet your needs.
  • Pod/Capsule machine. For simplicity, this is the clear winner. If you want a consistently good cup of coffee, with little skill or effort on your part, then look no further. Your cup of coffee will be more expensive using this machine, but it truly is no mess and no hassle.
  • Bean to cup machine. If you would like to use coffee beans, and like that freshly ground aroma and taste, then this is a great option. The machine will grind the beans for you, so you add water and coffee beans to the machine and wait for it to do its magic. You can buy a machine with a built-in milk frother if you like your cappuccinos at home. You will pay more to warm your milk though.
  • Espresso machine. This is the full, top of the range as used in cafes, machine. You make your own coffees from scratch from grinding the beans to steaming the milk. They are more expensive than other types, and more hassle for one cup of coffee. However, this machine will give you the most flexibility when making your coffee.

Filter Coffee Machine.

This is the coffee machine that started it all. Probably the first one used in cafes and restaurants.

  • Not too costly and a good value option.
  • Convenient for 1 or more people.
  • You can alter the strength of the coffee to taste.
  • It will only make black coffee.
  • The coffee is already ground so you will need a separate coffee grinder if you want to use beans.

Pod/Capsule Machine.

These have enabled everyone to make their own coffee shop style coffee at home and made it more popular.

  • The ultimate in convenience.
  • This is a quick and tidy process with almost no clean up required.
  • It works well for 1 or 2 people so suits most households.
  • They are normally fairly small machines which sit on your worktop without taking up too much space.
  • You are limited to the styles of coffee by the pods or capsules available. However, there is normally a good range including other hot drinks.
  • A drink can work out expensive but it is possible to shop around for suitable pods or capsules.

Bean to Cup Machine.

For not much effort you can have a freshly ground latte.

  • You can make all styles of coffee.
  • The coffee is consistently good and is quick to produce.
  • You can make coffee for 1 or more people.
  • Some models can also froth hot milk for you.
  • More expensive than pod or capsule styles.
  • They take more cleaning than the other models and some can be tricky to clean.

Espresso Machine.

If you want your coffee exactly as a barista would make.

  • Designed for espressos but a milk frother allows for milky coffees.
  • Makes coffee for 1 to 2 people.
  • You may need a bean grinder.

You might think that you can’t replicate the taste by making coffee at home. You would be wrong. There are so many good coffee machines nowadays, so you can easily make your favourite brew from the comfort of your own home.